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1) Behind Closed Doors”  –  This is a place Flight Crew, Pilots & Stewardesses, can share their experiences while flying in our aircraft.  Those moments one does not easily forget.  Click Here.


2) If you are F27 Flight Crew and have problems sleeping at night and you really miss the comforting sound of an F27 then we have a solution.  Listen to this 11 minute lullaby recorded especially for you.  Turn up your speakers and Click “Play” below.



3) Have you ever flown in the 3rd seat on an F27?  If you haven’t flown in the 3rd seat then take this short AirWest flight (12 minutes) from BFI to TIW up front with the Captain and First Officer.  Click Here to board the flight.


4) For your viewing pleasure, collections of aircraft pictures submitted by employees can be seen at the bottom of this page.


5) Click Here to view aircraft numbers and dates of service.


6) Click Here to view Miscellaneous Aircraft Related Items.


7) As you will see below, many of the following photos were sent to us by Aviation Photographer/Historian Edward Coates & Terry Wall, Photographer.  If you Click on the first picture of each aircraft category,  you will see a link at the bottom of the picture which will take you to a narrative by historian Edward Coates.


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(11 in fleet)


Martin 202’s

(4 in fleet)


Martin 404’s

(10 in fleet)



(13 in fleet)               



(3 in fleet)




Personal Collections


Jon Proctor Collection


Casino Bruno Collection


Buck Hilton Collection


Don Hargreaves Collection


Gene & Kathie Manson Collection


Carl Mauck Collection


Jim Johnson Collection


Various photos from employees throughout the system