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Dan Veenstra.


PC in Miami?

I ran upon this slide which shows one of our 727’s landing in Miami.  Does anyone know what we were doing there?  I suspect it was a charter flight.  I’d bet it was a military charter.

PBY at Rick’s

       What information do you have about this Pacific Air Lines owned PBY parked at Rick’s Helicopter in SFO?

PC Prisoner Flights.

       Did you know our aircraft were chartered to transport prisoners?  Read Tom Bailey’s account of this unusual charter contract.

Martin 404 Freight Service? Does anyone know about this?

   Don Hargreaves from RDD sent me this picture of a Martin 404.  It says “Pacific Air Freighter” on the side.  Does anyone have any information about this?  What routes did it fly?  How long?

How is it going?

   This web site is constantly evolving. However, I’d like to know how you feel about our site at this time. Do you have any problems maneuvering from one page to another?  Is the information interesting?  Is the content what you expected?  Tell me what I can do to make it better than it is today.    Dan Veenstra

Missing Persons. Do you know where these folks are now?

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Merger of Pacific Air Lines & West Coast? What happened to Bonanza?

In the Memorabilia page there is a memo to all employees of Pacific Air Lines dated June 21, 67 stating that Pacific and West Coast were preparing to merge operations.  There was no mention of Bonanza.  What happened here?

Have a Question or an Interesting Topic?

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SXC Catalina Island – Anyone have any information?

       I show in our Schedules Page that on July 1, 1959 we started service to SXC (Catalina Island).  Does anyone have any information about this?  How long did we fly there?  Did we fly DC3’s, or Martins there?  Did we fly float planes into the harbor?  When did we terminate service?  I understand we sent agents from LAX to man the facilities in LGB.  Where did the agents work?  On the docks?  Did we have agents on the island?

What is the difference between a M 202 & a M 404?

       You can click on these photos a couple of times to supersize them.


I was wondering what the difference was between the M202’s and M404’s.  They didn’t come into ACV very often when I was stationed there so I really don’t know.  They look the same to me.

Some dates in our “Airports Serviced” page are missing.

Some of the dates in our “Airports Serviced” page are missing.  If you know any of these dates then please let us know.  Some “off the grid” stations include Catalina Island, Fort Bragg, Vallejo, Santa Cruz, Red Bluff, Yreka, & Colinga.

Do you remember this M404? I’ll never forget it!

You can click on the picture a couple of times to see a supersized version.


I’ve been looking for a pic of this bird ever since PC. There is something I want you to see that used to scare the livin’ crap out of me that was peculiar to this and another M-404 we had. Look at that prop and draw a line down the fuselage vertically to indicate the danger line of propeller travel. Now look for the small white inverse triangle sign. That is the flap under which the Ground Power Unit plug went in. We had to “always approach the prop from behind” carrying the heavy, hot cord up the centerline and plug that thing in while the engine was running before he could cut the engine. The reverse procedure was repeated for departure.


PC had a great “show and tell” session that traveled the system displaying the dangers of this arrangement which consisted of a PC agent describing it that had only one arm. He was a victim. Now that made an impression. My biggest question was – who the hell designed this #@&%$ system anyway.        – Jim Johnson, LAS

Memorabilia 4 Sale or Wanted

This is a place you can either post a notice about airline memorabilia you want to sell or want to buy.