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Captain Jimmy Douglass Approach Plates

(Written by Jim Douglass, son of Captain Jimmy Douglass)   In 1944 and ’45, Jimmy Douglass flew C-54s for the Army Air Forces from Presque Isle, Maine across the North Atlantic.  Either as part of his duties or as an intellectual exercise, he hand drew instrument approach plates for many of the airfields he visited during those […]

By Last Name – N to Z

Take me to “By Last Name” A thru M Take me to “By Location” ACV thru SCK or SFO thru WJF Other Employee Lists Pacific Air Lines/SWA Employee List – by Last Name Note: Information changed to green at the time it is verified As of February 4, 2020 With PAL to date of Merger […]

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Flight Magazine 061957 DC3’s

Ukiah SWA Awaits Decision

Ukiah 1955 Newspaper Article

There Goes Another Success Story

Jets to More Cities

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Ad Precision Performance

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Stewardess Information Summary

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