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Nearly all of this site is comprised of photos, articles and other various items sent to me as scanned images via the internet or mailed to me through the United States Postal Service. When items are mailed to me, I scan images of the submittals and return everything to you in the same condition I received it.  I understand the things you have collected over the years are important to you and I can assure you that I will treat your items with respect.


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Dan Veenstra
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Please email me prior to shipping items

* All items returned to you within 72 hours of my receipt.

* Submittal credit will be given to you for each item posted.

Employees, employee family members and others who have submitted images, articles, interviews and other information which makes up this entire site - Thank You -



Ahn, Jenny Wangoe
Anderson, Marliyn
Archer, Robert
Artus, Richard
Ayers, Richard
Bailey, Tom
Bruno, Casino
Clark, Judy Grilli
Coates, Ed
Critch, Bill
Dellinges, Bill

Dick, Herb
Doak, Dave
Doherty, Matt
Douglass, Jim
Drake, John
Flickinger, Tom Jr.
Furrer, Jack
Garrett, David
Gibson, Tom
Gilsdorf, Ann King
Gradidge, Jennifer
Hargreaves, Don
Hawks, Jim
Haywood, Michael
Hilton, Buck
Holden, Lee
Hough, Bill
Johnson, Jim
Lindquist, Werner
Lopez, Fred
Lord, Barry
Mason, Gene & Kathie
Mauck, Carl
Middleton, Jean
Miller, Frank
Morgan, Opal Gilmore
Needham, Terry

Parashis, Trudy Sandoval

Platnick, Ivan

Prince, Joan Crandall

Proctor, Jon
Reigenborn, Ray
Scott, Dorothy Keenan
Sourisseau Academy
Spear, Harry
Steffan, Shirley Ramos
Stevens, Bob
Sullivan, Robert
Swenson, Susan Kelly
Townley, Sylvia Peeler
UC Davis, Special Collections
USN, Official Photo
Van Horne, Drew
Veenstra, Dan
Wall, Terry
Wangoe, Peter
Wells, Jim
Wharton, Julie Koenig
Wilson, Heartie
Wilson, Marian
Young, Dave