Photos & Slides – Do you have any?

   More than 50% of the stations in our Scrapbook Page don’t have any pictures for folks to look at.  Currently SFO, RDD, MRY & ACV have the most.  We need any images you have of the stations, the employees, aircraft, etc.  Mainly of the stations & employees.  Most of the pictures we currently have posted were sent to me by Jim Wells ACV, Don Hargreaves RDD,  Jim Johnson LAS, Peter & Jenny Wangoe MRY, Rich Ayres and Fred Lopez, SFO .  If you have pictures then I’m quite certain they are very seldom, if ever, looked at by you.  By allowing us to post them here in our Scrapbook Page you will be able to enjoy looking at them as often as you like.  What’s most important is all of the other Pacific Air Lines employees can also enjoy seeing them.


Here’s the game plan.  Either scan your photos or slides and email the images to or just put them in an envelope or box and mail them to me here in Tucson.  If you send photos I will scan them here in my office.  If you send slides I will meticulously remove the dust and other foreign matter with special non-static photo brushes (no liquid cleaners) and then scan them in a special photo scanner I purchased just for your slides.  Regardless, whether you send photos or slides, everything is taken to the post office and returned to you within 72 hours of my receiving them.  If you choose to mail them then please use my address in the “Contact” Page.  Also, email me before mailing so I’ll know they are coming.


Your help will be most appreciated,


Dan Veenstra

Station Agent, ACV


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