Martin 404 Freight Service? Does anyone know about this?

   Don Hargreaves from RDD sent me this picture of a Martin 404.  It says “Pacific Air Freighter” on the side.  Does anyone have any information about this?  What routes did it fly?  How long?

One Response to “Martin 404 Freight Service? Does anyone know about this?”

  1. Don Hargreaves said:

    As I recall, when they discontinued the Martin’s, someone in SFO decided that it would be a good idea to convert them into freighters. I think they ran them south of SFO, Like SBA, PRB, etc. I think the idea was given up after a month or two. I found this card in a second hand shop in the little town of Etna, near where I live in Callahan, CA. Have no idea how it ended up there

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