How is it going?

   This web site is constantly evolving. However, I’d like to know how you feel about our site at this time. Do you have any problems maneuvering from one page to another?  Is the information interesting?  Is the content what you expected?  Tell me what I can do to make it better than it is today.    Dan Veenstra

3 Responses to “How is it going?”

  1. Dan Veenstra said:

    Improvement: Just wanted to tell you I changed the menu within the “Historic SWA/PAL Employee List”. You can now exit any page and go back to the Portfolios “Employee List by Last Name” page by clicking on a link called “Take me back to the Employee List by Last Name”. This new link has been inserted on each of the 58 pages for your convenience.

  2. Bill Critch said:

    Re the pictures of the 727 hitting the terminal: it wasn’t entirely the crew’s fault. The anti-skid system was supposed to be been turned off prior to connecting the electrical power to the APU, a job shared by the captain and the Flight Engineer and…..Boeing. It was a design glitch somewhat ‘outside the envelope’. The anti-skid system was quickly re-designed to make this procedure unnecessary.

  3. Dan Veenstra said:

    I know, Bill. A lot of people know about this happening but have not seen the pictures. Not assigning blame at all. Just showing the pictures.

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