Missing Persons. Do you know where these folks are now?

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6 Responses to “Missing Persons. Do you know where these folks are now?”

  1. Bill Critch said:

    Gary Byrd. Looking for info on whatever happened to Gary Byrd. He was the first Afro American pilot with Pacific and was a captain with Hughes. He and I were roommates in Seattle. I heard he was murdered in East Palo Alto. Anyone have a clue?

  2. Dan Veenstra said:

    Warren Edwards. Warren was a pilot out of Seattle with RW. We made the “UpFront” presentation together which is in the Aircraft Page of this site. I would like to chat with him and tell him about the presentation being online. I know he was laid off the same time I was in December of ’69. I don’t know if he returned to AirWest/Hughes Airwest after the furlough.

  3. Dan Veenstra said:

    Jack Furrer told me that Gary Byrd was murdered in Oakland. Sorry.

  4. Bill Critch said:

    Thanks Jack. Wondered what happened to him. Do you recall the approximate year? I’ll do a ‘search and destroy’ in the oakland papers. I’m guessing it would have been around 1972

  5. Rob Smith said:

    Wondering what ever happened to WELDON JONES. He was Senior Agent/BFL when I was there 1966-1968. Last I heard, he went to RNO when BFL closed not long after I left in 1968 back to SFO.

  6. Dan Veenstra, PacificAirLinesPortfolio.com said:

    Rob (Smith).

    I contacted Tom Bailey of Hughes AirWest and he sent me this message:
    “Last I heard, he was still living just outside of Carson City. Lee Littlejohn had a phone number for him but says it is no good anymore, he may have passed away. Lee has Rob’s email and is going to send him a note.”

    Good Luck,

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